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September 27, 2016

“My offer was submitted on Saturday with an updated pre-approval letter including the correct price and property address!“

Shouldn’t this be the norm? Unfortunately it isn’t. It today’s tech-savvy marketplace, one would think that an updated and accurate pre-approval letter would be available at the push of a button on your computer or smartphone. Thanks to, this is now possible. Lenders may boast that they can have your loan fully qualified and approved within a few short days or hours and even furnish you a pre-approval letter. However, shopping for homes and making an offer are a dynamic and ever-changing process.  A home may come on the market at any time, which means that the buyer and their agent may need an immediate, updated and accurate pre-approval letter now not tomorrow. This includes the date, property address and purchase price that reflect the price and terms of the offer.

The question a motivated buyer may not have considered is the following; “Is the lender available when I need an updated and accurate pre-approval letter?” The fact is that lenders are busy. A competent lender may be working with several borrower/buyers at any given time. Their availability may be limited and most lenders aren’t available on weekends or evenings, which is typically when you need a new or updated pre-approval letter. As most agents will testify, it is difficult to reach a lender on a Monday morning after a busy weekend of open houses. This is inconvenient and could delay or sabotage getting their buyer-client’s offer submitted in a timely manner. Ultimately, it could mean possibly losing the home of their dreams.

The lender is doing their best to accommodate the buyer and agents timeline. They simply can’t be available 24 hours, 7 days a week. The reality is that no one can… But wait… If your lender is a subscriber to, then you won’t ever have to wait again to have an updated and accurate pre-approval letter ready to submit with your offer. No matter what time of day or night a property listing comes on the market, Lenderletter provides the unique environment and opportunity for an updated and accurate pre-approval letter when you need it, not when the lender can get around to it!