Benefit Details Page

Buyer Benefits


Buyers select a Realtor® based on many factors.  Some of these factors are as follows:

      • A Knowledgeable and experienced Realtor to get their home sold quickly and at the best price.
      • Broad expertise in the legal aspects of selling a home, including negotiating contracts and preparing disclosures documents. A good Realtor will help you avoid lawsuits.
      • A track record of success.
      • A positive reputation throughout their marketing area and among other Realtors.
      • The development of a well-thought out and customized marketing plan.
      • Finally, the Realtor must be up to date on the latest technologies that create a competitive advantage for the Realtor and their buyers!


How Buyers Benefit from

      • Instant access to lender pre-approval letters…no more waiting for the lender to become available!
      • The pre-approval letter that accompanies an offer to purchase will always reflect the offer price and terms in the purchase contract.
      • Pre-approval letters may be personalized with seller names, buyer names, property address, etc. that creates a greater connection with the seller.
      • All parties (lender, Realtor, Buyer) receive emails from the LenderLetter email system when any letter is modified. These emails include details about the change and who changed it.
      • Letter recipients may validate or authenticate every letter using LenderLetter’s Patent Pending two-factor letter authentication system via a QR Code and 5 digit number printed on every letter. This allows any letter recipient to validate that all of the information on the letter is true and accurate.