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Lender Benefits

“Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s the reaction most lenders have when they first hear of LenderLetter…


Agent Benefits

“Finally, I can submit my offer now and not have to wait for my lender to modify a pre-approval letter!”


Buyer Benefits

“My offer was submitted on Saturday with an updated pre-approval letter including price and address!“


Seller Benefits

“I received multiple offers with custom pre-approvals on Sunday when most lenders aren’t available.“


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Fast, Easy, Compliant & Safe

LenderLetter for Agents

LenderLetter for Buyers

"I Love The Business"

Updating a Pre-Approval Letter

Quick Start Training for Loan Officers - Part 1

Quick Start Training for Loan Officers - Part 2

LenderLetter for Lenders

Agents Prefer a Single Source and Sign-In

Now Lenders Enjoy Their Life

Real Estate Agents Need LenderLetter

Be Careful of Pre-Approval Fraud

Webinar on 2/7/2018

LenderLetter Makes Home Buying Better

LenderLetter offers a Single Solution!

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Deal for Lenders

LenderLetter is free for 30 days.  Just sign-up, set up and serve up pre-approval and pre-qualification letters to your buyers and their agents.

Unlimited Buyers & Letters!

Just $19.50/Month/Loan Officer.

Call for volume discounts.

Free for Realtors

LenderLetter is a free service for Realtors® and their buyers.  Just sign-up, invite lenders, edit on-demand pre-approval letters.

Unlimited Buyers & Letters!

Easily invite your favorite Loan Officer.

Now your lender can truly work 24×7!