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Why LenderLetter?

Lender – Realtor® – Buyer

All on the same page!

It’s an innovation that solves the pre-approval letter process…

  • Immediate letter updates 24 x 7

  • Pre-approval letter always matches the offer

  • Instant letter change notifications

  • Letter authentication

  • Industry compliant

  • Eliminates fraud

  • Attracts Realtors®

Easy Setup

The initial setup is straightforward. If you have any difficulty, support is available at no cost. We typically respond to support requests within minutes. You may call, email, live chat, or text.

Opens Doors

Allowing agents and buyers to legally edit pre-approval letters significantly reduces the demands placed on loan officers. This capability is truly a novel advancement for lenders and will open new doors.

Increases Sales

Reducing stress and placing more control in the hands of real estate professionals (and your buyers) will vastly improve customer service and set each loan officer apart from others.

More LenderLetter Features

  • Enterprise class design

  • Hierarchical roles for granular operational management

  • Unlimited and customized pre-approval letters

  • Flexible loan program creation with granular permissions

  • Simple, yet sophisticated, letter template creation editor with both location and loan officer permission levels

  • Private branding available

  • Detailed company-wide statistical reports

  • Data export to CSV or Excel spreadsheet formats

  • Online letter authentication by recipients

  • Quick and easy agent invitation recruiting tool


Lender Benefits

“Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s the reaction most lenders have when they first hear of LenderLetter…

Agent Benefits

“Finally, I can submit my offer at any time and not have to wait for my lender to modify a pre-approval letter!”

Buyer Benefits

“My offer was submitted on Saturday with an updated pre-approval letter including price and address!“

Seller Benefits

“I received multiple offers with custom pre-approvals on Sunday when most lenders aren’t available... and I was able to authenticate it.“

Smart Intuitive Interface

No Risk 30-Day Free Trial

Test out our feature rich pre-approval management system.  There is nothing else like it on the market!

Letter Authentication

Our Patent Pending letter authentication system allows recipients of a LenderLetter letter to verify that the letter is authentic by scanning the QR code that is printed in the lower right corner of all letters (unless the lender has turned this feature off).  The resulting URL may be inserted into any browser and the recipient will be asked to enter in a 5 digit numeric code.  The code is printed just below the QR code. 
Once submitted, the LenderLetter system will display a low resolution and watermarked duplicate of the letter.  The recipient may then compare the letter they received against the letter on the display to verify they are a match.