Features & Pricing

Features by Role

Feature Lender* Loan Officer RealtorĀ® Buyer
Private Branding
Unlimited Letters
Edit Profile Info.
Upload Personal Photo
Upload Signature Image
Edit Lender Company Info.
Upload Lender Logo
Manage Lender Subscriptions
Access To Account Statements
Set Loan Officer Preferences
View Dashboard with App Statistics
Manage Locations
Manage Invited & Associated Agents
Unlimited Buyers
Control Buyer Access and Set Limits
Letter Template Builder Access
Unlimited Templates
Template Controls & Set Permissions
Max Price Calculator Utility
Letter Editor Controls
Unlimited Loan Programs
Loan Program Permissions
Loan Conditions Table
Verified Items Table
Detailed Statistical Reporting & Export (CSV / Excel)
*Lender = Company Owner or Company Administrator(s) – If a single person signs up, they are considered the Company Owner.

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