Authenticate Letters

Sellers may now authenticate LenderLetter pre-approval letters 24×7 using our patent pending letter authentication system!
“I received multiple offers with custom pre-approvals on a Sunday when most lenders aren’t available.“
Yes, even sellers and their listing agents benefit from Lenderletter.  A seller can rest assured when a pre-approval letter and offer are presented with accurate and matching information that they are working with a competent and professional realtor. More importantly, they can proceed with confidence towards a successful close of escrow.
Also, it eliminates confusion for the listing agent and seller should the price on the pre-approval letter not reflect the price on the offering paperwork and/or that the property address on the pre-approval letter matches the property address on the offering paperwork. This leaves room for doubt on whether the realtor or buyer have left out any other pertinent information. Or, perhaps this is a sign of further problems that may arise during escrow, which could end up being costly to the seller should the transaction fall apart at no fault of their own. LenderLetter offers peace of mind to the seller and listing agent.
Lenderletter is the norm that all parties will rely upon when buying or selling a home.