General Questions:

LenderLetter is a web application service that provides an ideal environment in which lenders create a customized and editable lender letter that buyers and their agents can access and edit on-line at their convenience…anytime and from anywhere.

Lenders have lives.  This is why we created LenderLetter!  Most offers are typically drafted when Lenders are not working, on weekends and evenings.  Moreover, Buyers and their Agents may need to react quickly to an opportunity and instant access to a customized lender letter is a distinct advantage.

The net result is a lender letter that perfectly matches the offer price and terms of the purchase agreement.

LenderLetter eliminates this common problem experienced in the industry and effectively puts the Lender, Agent and Buyer all on the same page at the same time.



No.  LenderLetter is not a Lender or a Bank. LenderLetter does not collect any sensitive or private information from the Buyer.  LenderLetter is, simply put, an on-line platform allowing Lenders or Banks to post an editable lender letter that can be updated by the Buyer or their Agent.  However, it’s important to note that the Lender completely controls the pre-authorized, editable fields maintaining security parameters over each letter.

Since LenderLetter is not a bank of Lender, it does not produce any lender letters.  LenderLetter is an on-line platform that permits any licensed Lender, that is subscribed to LenderLetter, to post a lender letter on behalf of their Buyer client.

A lender letter with the lender’s letterhead and logo can be generated and updated via this online service.


LenderLetter does not gather any sensitive information.  Only profile information is stored that includes a users name, address, phone number, email address.

In addition, the lender letter information would normally not include any sensitive information unless the Lender included it in a letter (which is unlikely).  Finally, we do NOT store credit card information on our servers.  All credit card information is maintained by our trusted third-party Credit Card Processing firm.

LenderLetter is TRID friendly.  Please go to Lender section for more information.

Lender Questions:

There is NO cost to LenderLetter.

  1. Time Saver; A busy lender can spend more time with productive activities like qualifying new borrowers and closing loans.
  2. Build on existing Realtor/agent relationships; LenderLetter will help to build and fortify existing Realtor/agent relationships.
  3. Recruit new Realtor/agents to use your services; LenderLetter is an excellent recruiting tool for new Realtor/agent clients. You can show them that you are now essentially available 24/7, 365 and that they won’t have to wait thru the weekend or next day to get their pre-approval letters updated or changed. As a result, you won’t be spending your precious time returning phone calls and emails to Realtors/agents and their buyers so as to update pre-approval letters with a new price or loan amount. The bottom line is that LenderLetter will make you a more productive loan agent.

Yes.  There is no LenderLetter letterhead. Lenders use their own logo and letterhead. We have an easy-to-use template system within LenderLetter where you can cut and paste from your existing letter library. You can easily modify your text and upload your companies logo and your signature (jpg format).

We have pre-designed templates that you can use or modify.   You can, also, create your own template that is compliant with your company.

LenderLetter provides the most popular and often-used loan variables that can be inserted into the pre-approval template.  In addition, conditions and verified items lists are available to be inserted in bullet point fashion into the pre-approval template.


There is no limit of pre-approval letters.  LenderLetter supplys the default templates that you can customize and modify, as needed.

Yes. Anytime the agent or buyer makes any pre-authorized changes, you, the lender, will be notified immediately.  An automated email will be sent showing the changes made by who (buyer or agent) and when (date and time) with the accompanying values.

We do use the best protection for internet privacy protection.   It’s important to note that no sensitive or financial information is maintained on the LenderLetter site.

Yes.  Click here for Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

In all 50 States of the US and all 9 provinces of the Canada and then eventually wherever homes are sold.

LenderLetter is T.R.I.D. friendly providing that the lender/loan officer subscriber creates their editable pre-approval letter template(s), accordingly.  In other words,  the lender/loan officer subscriber is aware and cognizant of whether or not any of the variables used in their template may trigger or complete all of the 6 requirements that comprise an ‘Application’ and thereby require that the Loan Estimate (LE) be generated within 3 business days and delivered to the borrower/buyer.

Agent Questions:

Yes.  LenderLetter is FREE to Agents.  It’s also free to Lenders!  In fact, it’s free to everyone!

Yes.  You may invite all of your favorite Lenders to sign up for LenderLetter.

Once you are signed-up as an Agent on LenderLetter, then you may invite a lender.  Click here to sign-up.

LenderLetter automatically sends an invitation email to the Lender from the Agent portal.  Simply click on the ‘Invite Lender’ button, enter the lender’s email and click send. Be sure to remind them that their subscription is free!

Typically, no.  The lender sets the initial price or loan amount parameters and the buyer or their Agent (if authorized by buyer) may change the price or loan amount as allowed by the Lender.  In addition, the address may be modified or updated anytime by the Buyer and/or their Agent.  Note: All parties will be notified immediately by email if any changes are made to a letter.

No.  There are no restrictions on the number of letters.

Once the Buyer has permitted you access to modify a letter via their Lender in LenderLetter, then it is as simple as logging into your LenderLetter Agent portal, clicking on the Buyer menu item, then selecting the Letters button for the desired Buyer. This will present a list of letters that have been created.  Select the letter and then select the Edit Letter button.  Then simply make the changes or updates that best match the terms of your offer.  You may then email, print or download the pdf  of the updated letter.  That’s it.

By the way, any change or update done by the Agent will automatically generate an email to the Buyer and Lender that shows the changes made.

The simple answer is to ask the Lender or the Buyer.

The buyer has immediate access to the maximum price as it is shown on their LenderLetter dashboard.

Note:  Any attempt to enter a value greater than the maximum set by the Lender will result in an alert notifying you that the amount entered has exceeded the amount set by the Lender.

The next version of LenderLetter will provide Maximum Purchase Price information to the Agent.

Yes.  Once a Letter is modified in any way,  all parties (Lender, Agent, Buyer) are automatically notified by email of the changes.

At this time, a Lender that is already subscribed to LenderLetter must create a new Buyer account from within their LenderLetter portal .  Once added, a welcome email  is automatically sent to the buyer that includes their username (which is their email address) and an initial temporary password. This will enable the buyer to register and access their LenderLetter buyer portal.   Buyers may change the password after their first login.

The easy-to-use dashboard provides the buyer fast access to their editable letters.  The Buyer may allow their Agent to update and edit the letters on their behalf.


Yes.  A link to LenderLetter.com and an explainer video for buyers can be established on Agent websites.

It’s always a good strategy to show your Buyers that you take advantage of the latest in technology.

You may use our logo and link to our “LenderLetter for Buyers” video and our site at https://LenderLetter.com

All 50 states of the US and all 9 provinces of Canada are currently established.

Buyer Questions:

Once you have signed up with LenderLetter through your Lender, you can log into your private Buyer portal.  From there you will be able to click on a Pre-Approval Letter menu item that reveals all letters created so far.

There are Action buttons on the right to View/Download/Print or Edit or Email each letter.

LenderLetter allows instant customization of the pre-approval letter.   For instance, the property address, purchase price, loan amount, etc…  can be changed or updated anytime, day or night (provided the Lender has allowed the changes to be made).  This is extremely convenient especially when a last minute change needs to be made to the letter before the offer presentation.

You may also make an offer on a different listing that is new on the market without having to contact your lender.   LenderLetter puts you and your Agent in the driver’s seat.

Yes.  LenderLetter does not take an active role in determining who you can or should work with from the real estate end or lending end. That is your complete decision and your discretion.  However, you will need to find an Agent and/or Lender that is subscribed to LenderLetter.

Yes.  Once your lender has posted your letter, and allowed you to make changes to the letter, you or your Agent may modify or customize your letter via your LenderLetter Buyer portal.

The Lender presets the editable fields such as the Property Address and Purchase Price prior to posting the letter for your use.

When you modify the allowable variables such as Purchase Price, then the Agent and Lender will automatically receive an email showing the changes made.

Note:  You can view your Maximum Purchase Price allowed by the lender on your LenderLetter Dashboard.

No.  You may access LenderLetter anytime.  Day or night.   All you need is Internet access.

Yes.  You may View, Download, Print, Email and Modify the letters (modify within limits that the Lender has set).

We think the best way is to refer them to your Agent first.  Your realtor is the one who orchestrates the real estate process.  You may also refer them to your Lender.  In addition, there are explainer videos on our website that describe LenderLetter to Buyers.

Yes.  Each letter is listed with a date & time stamp.  You may review all letters created within your Lenderletter web portal.

All 50 states of the United States and all 9 provinces of Canada.